Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thou Shall Do You

Like the animal, human cougars of the middle ages share physical similarities, but it's just as unwise to make assumptions about us as it is about the big cat. In fact, our uniqueness is one of the best qualities we share. We don't wake up every morning trying to fit in. We spend every moment trying to stand out. Here's the rule of thumb. When in doubt, do you. Be authentic. Being anything less than real is a crime time won't forgive. Cougars are beautiful from the inside--out. Yes, we stalk our goals and kill relationships with people who want a free ride on our backs. That's how you survive in the corporate jungle.  But the closest we come to imitation is taking  a good thing and making it better.

Warning: kittens who aspire to Cougardom should never be hopelessly out of sync, uhm, say--wearing mocassins to a formal dinner. Then, people will think you're just a nut. But if you know everyone is going to wear black to the dinner just because. Because what? It's tradition? It's the law? Well, a legit Cougar might wear yellow just because she looks better in yellow than black. Cougars do what they like, how they like. As long as you're doing no harm and it feels good, then,  it's all good.

So you’re not billionaire mogul Oprah or superstar corporate executive Cathie Black or your perfect cousin who cured her kid's asthma with Vick's Vapor Rub. That’s fine. They have their own destinies. They're doing what they were created to do. Your mission must always be to make the most of your talents. If you suck at addition and subtraction, you will never be Dean of the math department at the local university. But, if you can use a calculator or the Excel program on your computer, you can still get that spreadsheet done and turned in on time. Quit worrying about what you can't do or can't be. Do you. Do the best, most incredible and phenomenal you imaginable!

Copyright 2009 Monica F. Anderson. All Rights Reserved.

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