Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Acknowledge The Pain

Pain comes gently rapping against the chamber doors of your heart. It is polite and patient if you acknowledge it. If you don't acknowledge, or worse, you ignore it, it kicks the door in.

Sometimes you meet a guy who seems so perfect except for that thing--that indescribable pin prick you can't articulate. You just know.

Rachel met James at work. He was new to the city and new to the company. Everyone loved him. He was smart, articulate, well dressed, and on the fast track. He met every qualification on Rachel's list, including no children. Still, there was something. Something with no shape or form, just a yellow light on her emotional dashboard and it wasn't the rising sun. With a push from her colleagues, Rachel ignored her instinct and became involved with Mr. Wonderful. Six months later, Rachel's credit was so bad that she couldn't pay attention. She had restraining orders against both of James' ex-wives, Shaniqua and Bambi,  and that investment he talked her into turned out to be a scam. Too late, Rachel also learned that James left his previous company after allegations of embezzlement forced him to resign. Rachel now wishes she'd listened to her head. Cougars know love is free but a simple background check will cost you about $20.00.

Don't let that pin prick become a knife in your heart if you can help it. Never ignore your instinct at work, at home,or at all.

Copyright 2009. Monica F. Anderson. All Rights Reserved.

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