Friday, July 6, 2012

Last Call For Appetizers

I remember when a good party only had two ingredients: a drink special and ladies free before 10 pm. When did fun get so complicated? Back in the day, my entire drop-it-like-it's-hot outfit, including the cheap shoes from Kinney's, cost less than I paid for a full body massage last weekend. Aqua boogie, baby. My Bootsy glasses shaped like stars? That was easy and enjoyable.

Now, the only party ingredient anyone my age cares about is the food. The gourmet cuisine. The five-course meal. Eating in the kitchen with the chef. Why? If I want to see food prepared, I'll help my mom at Thanksgiving. Sample this delicacy. Did they have a buffet or a sit down dinner? Imagine how much shorter fundraisers would be if we didn't eat while we watch the video. Lets just give our checks, hear one speaker for the cause, and roll out. Don't even bother with chairs. Meet in the park. Save ourselves and the organizers some time. Radical I know. A voice crying in the wilderness...last call! Last call for appetizers!

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