Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rude Awakenings

I do not find rude awakenings to have nearly the long term impact of slow dawns. For example, a year out of college, I realized my parents were actually able to survive without me. The dishes got washed. Trash day continued to be observed. Their cars got gassed up on the weekend and they managed to dress themselves without my advice. It slowly dawned on me that the value I added to their lives, if any, was completely intangible while they literally gave me everything. Their "I love you" was quiet and implicit unlike recently having someone I care for yell at me, "I never liked you!" That made me think he's a liar for pretending he ever did and I immediately categorized him as a molecule. he exist but at a cellular level I can ignore. Okay, it just dawned on me that hes a 4-year old so maybe I'll rethink that one. Hmph. Maybe not. As Bon Qui qui says, that was "Ru'".

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