Sunday, June 16, 2013

Chasing Your Dreams?

It's an old adage, "Chase your dreams." Great advice if you don't delete the adjective "your". Most of us end up running all our lives, chasing everyone's dreams but our own. Partner's dreams...parents' dreams...corporate vision...images created by, for, and about others. The directive "to chase" indicates the dreams are separate from us and somehow beyond our control. So we're to chase them and hope they are not too elusive for capture.

Actually, what we should do is carry our dreams. Put them on our backs like Atlas' world going wherever we go until we choose to set them down (temporarily) to others pursue their goals. The key is to not wander so far from our purpose that we forget why we are here; abandon our most passionate pursuits. Don't discard your purpose.

Circle back and touch your vision as often as possible. Move it every week: an inch or a mile closer to reality. We all take regular breaks from our bodacious personal goals to help others for a myriad of very good reasons. That's okay. That's real life. Just remember that good companies, good friends, and good partners will also invest in your development.

If they never do, keep your dreams and chase a new network.

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