Sunday, September 15, 2013


Listless or listlessness is defined as lacking enegy, interest, or spirit. How ironic is it then that my most memorable moments of late were never on a list? That impromptu dinner with my friend in Dallas even though I was scheduled to return to Austin immediately after my business was concluded comes to mind. Life altering conversations with total strangers that happened because I paused long enough to make room for chance. Cupcakes with my grandson for his "last supper" during a recent visit. He talks about that more than our trip to that overpriced pizza amusement park. And the list goes on and on. None of these acts were on my to-do list, grocery list, checklists, gift lists, or any other list I use to help with personal productivity. This makes me wonder what else I've missed because of my pre-occupation with lists. Going forward I'm scheduling more free time than ever before. I'll be watchless, phoneless, and, most definitely, listless.

(Note: Here's a link to a great article to help you live more efficiently, "12 Lists That Help You Get Things Done"

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