Sunday, September 16, 2018

Listening Is The New Reading. My First Audio Book is Available on Audible and iTunes!

Listen to a sample

It took six months to record 5 hrs and 15 mins with the pronunciation, tone, clarity, dB, pace, quality, and energy acceptable to my engineer, then my producer, then aka Audible. I don't have much free time on my "off day" as I do have that day job as a dentist, along with a few million other things I do for family and community. While many people encouraged me to do an audiobook, no one paid me, pushed me, or made me practice. Words in any form (writing, speaking, blogging, vlogging, poetry, workshops) are my calling. That's how I help others which is its own reward. That's why I kept repeating words and passages over and over until they said it was "right!"

I would love to sale a million downloads and get great reviews but, if I don't, I know my time and efforts were not in vain. I had the privilege of dreaming and the power to make that dream come true with help from industry experts who patiently showed me the ropes.

Do what you enjoy doing and do it well. Opportunity is inevitable. Preparation is optional. Are you ready?

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