Thursday, April 4, 2019

SSYB -The Fear You Crushed Summit-Dr. Moe Anderson & Gigi Barnett

Dr. Moe Anderson was a successful dentist, who published several popular books; and, was a sought-after speaker. One night she became severely ill and thought she was dealing with food poisoning. A trip to the emergency room brought an unexpected diagnosis. Dr. Moe had a rare form of cancer. “They say that everything can change in a moment,” she said. “I say everything can change in a word. It was ‘mass’ that turned my world upside down.” She had two major surgeries since that fateful night. The cancer returned 18 months after an initial procedure to wipe it out. Dr. Moe put her business, books and speaking engagements on hold to focus on her health. The fight to stay alive took a toll on relationships, too. And, the fear of the cancer coming back still lingers. The cancer is in remission, but she has to take a daily prescription to keep the disease at bay, Dr. Moe said. “I get up every morning fighting that fear,” she said. “And, I decided that I am going to live and not die. And, when I decide that success is going to be a side effect of me putting one breath in front of the other, then I’m happy.” The joy of seeing a new day spills over. Dr. Moe has resumed her speaking engagements and writing books. Her latest release is called “Success is a Side Effect: Leadership, Relationship and Selective Amnesia.” She said she neglected herself before the cancer appeared. But, not anymore. In this episode, Dr. Moe unveils why she is adamant about her self-care regimen, which allows her to release toxic emotions, cut the doubts linked to her business and continue building her brand. “I schedule my pity parties,” said Dr. Moe. “I have a little ‘me time,’ where I just fall apart. We have happy hour…have your sad hour, too.” She also discusses: - Schedule self-care time and be diligent about sticking to it. - Reserve the right to be wrong and change your mind about decisions that others may not support. - Pay attention to the outcome of the fearful mind. Taking a different thought process can lead to positive results. - Don’t be afraid to fail. The wrap-up: “Who we are is really just a culmination of where we’ve been,” Dr. Moe said. “So often we want to separate work from home, like we’re two different people. But, if you find an unhappy employee, you’ll find a chaotic home situation; because, we’re not taking care of our base needs.” If you want to work with Dr. Moe or to learn more about her motivational speaking, workshops and books, head here: Website: Instagram: @drmoea Facebook: @drmonicaanderson You Tube:

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